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About my self

Hi this is mahesh from a middle class family , why I have entered into stock market , I am working in a construction company , my salry Is around 20 k, before my marriage the earnings from that job is fulfilled my needs , when I got married I can manage with that income but suddenly 

The life is big mistery anybody can’t guess what will going happen in future suddenly 

One day my sister called me in the early morning said that father got into coma blood was clotted in brain and he is no more that onwards I had faced so many financial problems after that I search for extra income sources so many ways to gain income but I choose trading is the best for my future income… So I started 

Gaining knowledge of stock market

How and why i take instant loan of 17000 ₹ from “Navi” app ?

Why i take instant loan from “Navi” ?

Last two months onwards trying to learn basics about stock market , practicing buying and selling of stocks thought paper trading , watching youtube videos, following news related to stock market,one fine day i feel the things you learnt must keep in practice,so i want some amount to trade ,one day while watching youtube videos i seen advertisement about “Navi” application than i decided to apply for it , installed “Navi” application from “Google Play Store”,select “personal loan” option started filling the application,they offered me 34000₹ loan for me,but i decided to take the loan amount which should not exceed above the monthly salary of myne,so applied for a loan amount of 17000₹

Steps for applying loan from “Navi”:-

Navi app

1. Personal details.

2. Adhar number,PAN card number,Bank details,Note:- mobile number should be linked to adhar number,

3. Six months bank statement in PDF ” format only accepted .

4. “Navi” application send “1₹” to your bank account to verify your bank account details.

5.Make a video call to “Navi” coustomer care personal before calling get ready with original documents like “PAN, ADHAAR”.After lifting the call “Navi” customer care person ask your name,phone number, original documents than you have to show documents with clarity ,than they will take your photo from front cam,

6. Than application ask your perminent address to fill when it is your perminent, present address is different,then they will present adress proof like electricity bill as proof.

7 . Then they will transfer the amount to your bank account with in one minute.

Loan details:-

As said above i applied for 17000₹.

I received amount of 15231₹ .

They charged 1499₹ as processing fees.

Tax:- 269₹.

Total charge including GST:- 1769₹.

Intrest rate :- 24% per annum.

Monthly EMI:- 2083₹ .

Total EMI’s to pay :- 9 months .

Late pay of EMI more than three days 800₹ they will charge,bounce fees balance nill in bank account 500₹ they will charge.

My story:- i am planning to pay the monthly EMI’s , earning through intraday trading. Just wait what will happen i will be succed or not.stay tune with my logs updates please follow me,Thank you for visiting my blog & supporting me.

My loan EMI details